This is the 2022 line up, 2023 line up will be updated soon.  

Sweet Ryed IPA
Soft Tail Hefe

KickStand Kolsch

Watson's Famous Dry Irish Stout

Cat Lady Seltzer: Cherry Lime, 5% ABV

To Basil With Love, 5.5% ABV Strawberry and Basil Gose

Get Off My Lawn, ABV 7.1%, IPA

Chunkzilla, 13.1% ABV; Imperial Milk Stout


Lager on my Mind (lager 5.0%)

Atlanta Amber (Amber Ale 5.3%)

Wobbegong Wheat (Wheat 5.0%)

Hoplanta (IPA 6.8%)

Hillside IPA 6.8%

Harper Hills Famous Oatmeal Stout 5.2%

Sweetland Light (light Lager) 4%

Funky Gossey ( Gooseberry Brett Saison) 6.4%

Buddha's Breakfast ( Tiramisu inspired Oatmeal Stout Collaboration with Rejoice City Coffee) 5%ABV

Lack of Fokus - Anxiety Pils

Sophie - Yuzu Kettle Sour

Hattie – NEIPA

Honey - Single Hopped IPA

Daddy Jack - Dry Stout

Trophy Husband Imperial Stout 11%

Antique White 6%

Indominus Quadrupel
The Way Tripel
Walk on Water Witbeir
Sickle & Peace Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Bucking on the Mountain Smoked Lager

Cedarcrest Cream Ale

Lazy Grazy Hazy IPA

Whitetail Kolsch 5%

Danger Zone IPA 6.9%

Raptor DIPA 8%

Echo Sour 11%

Coconut Porter
Just Another IPA
Shift Faced

Dick n the Dirt English IPA 6.8% ABV

Bad Touch Panda black IPA 6.7%

Donkey Hote mexican lager 4.6%

Wampus Kat Belgian Tripel 8.9%%

Automatic pale ale

Classic City Lager
Athena Paradiso-Cherry,Raspberry,Cranberry fruited berliner weisse

Galactic Space Circus hazy ipa

Dry County IPA

Graffiti IPA


Lechuza Mexican Lager

Low Country Pale Ale

Adaptation IPA

Grass Roots Lemon-Lime Hefeweizen

Georgia Tea Party Amber





Bikini Snow Cold IPA (Eventide Premium Ale)

2022 Anniversary Ale (Eventide Premium Ale)

Eventide Dämmerung Kolsch (Eventide Premium Ale)

Eventide Citrus Grove Hefeweizen


Daily Rind


Yoshi (Seasonal)

Hazed & Blazed

Way Down Yonder


Fest Collab Beer

BBA Sergeant Stout

Hop Chief

Goin out West IPA 7.5%

Cherry Cherry Imperial Sour 8%

How Bizarre Pale Ale 5.4%

Brown Eyed Girl Brown Ale 6.5%


Parti Starter

GC Lager

Citras Maximus

Destress Express Coffee Milk Stout
Southern Isles IPA
Blueberry Field Party
Field Party Blonde

Base Camp Lager
Some Beach IPA
Witness Belgian Wheat

Ada German Pilsner
Echo German Doppelbock
Native Land American IPA
Degrees Brown Ale

Baby Momma Drama

So Peachy

Proofs in the Pudding

Owlet (Hefeweizen)

Feathers (New England IPA)

Twilight(Dunkel Rye Lager)

Colab (TBD)

El Rey Nelson NEIPA
Under The Guayabana Gose
Sour Patch Sour Ale

Philly Phavorite IPA
Pig Iron Porter

Hop Dang Diggity
Elevate Cryo Pop IPA
Moon Peole Tangerine Witbier
Big Creek Kolsch

Float Trip (IPA)

Bear Tracks (Wee Heavy)

Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Stargazer (IPA)

Hooch Shootin' NEIPA

Sweet Mangolia - Mango Ale

Pure Source – IPA

Lappland Blonde - Blond Ale

Helios (Hefeweizen 4.8%)

The Real Dill (Fruited Gose 4.3%)

Cherries Jubilee (Fruited Sour Ale 8.0%)

Conserve Georgia - Honey Rye (Rye-Blonde Ale 5.5%)

Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPA

Doctor Robot Blackberry Lemon Sour

Astronomical Arugula

Tears of My Enemies Bourbon

Brighter Future Hazy IPA

Scottish Ale

Slippery Elbows Pale Ale

Hazy Like A Fox IPA

Euphonia Pilsner
Tropic Dream Wheat Ale

Haze Dipper Pale Ale

Snow Ghost (NEIPA, 7.5%)

On Belay (West Coast IPA, 6%)

Yonah Live Once (Vienna Lager, 4.7%)

Collateral (Mex Lager, 4%)

AquaTronic 8% Double IPA

New Wave 5.2% Premium Ale

Flotation Device Snozz 6.1% Berliner

Evergreen Terrace 8% West Coast IPA


Rye Charles

Walker Station

Jolly Ranchare

Long Day Lager



Reformation IPA 6.5%

Alani Sour 4.7%

Jogr 4.9%

Seasonal 7%

Straight Outta Munich: Helles Lager5.6%

Isar Haze: Hazy IPA - 6.5%

Smokin' Translator: Smoked Doppelbock - 7.9%

Pilsner: German Pilsner - 4.5% 

Dynamite Brown Ale 6% ABV

SMaSH Attack Vol. 4 6.5% ABV

Garden City Kolsch 5.5% ABV

Swamp Thing Fruited Sour 5.7% ABV

Sickle & Peace - 3xDry Hopped Pale Ale 4.6%ABV

Thrash Can - Lager 4.7%ABV

Chaos Magician -IPA 6.3%ABV

Culture Jamming - Sour IPA w/GA Muscadines 6.5%ABV

For Whom the Belge Tolls (10% Belgian Tripel)

Lager Rhythm (5% American Lager)

Desserted Island (12% Pastry Stout)

Thai Wheat (spiced wheat 5.1%)

Game Night (IPA 6%)

La Fria (lager 4.2%)

Totally TWObular (sour IPA 6%)

Freedom Machine

Rally Point

It's Out There Somewhere

That’s the Stuff

Medlock IPA

Guava Sour Continuum

Discover Pale Ale, Summer Harvest

Straight Outta Norcross


Gold Belt

Place to Imagine

Red & Black

Fog Machine

Panama City Sunset

Tangerine Fruit Flash


Helles Lager
Millie Bobby Brown Ale
Somewhere Sunny Hazy IPA

Bushwood IPA

300 Pilsner

Shooter McGavin Witbier

Build the Statue IPA

Cloudland Hazy IPA

Steady Hand Lager

Guava Cake Sour, Steady Hand Triple IPA

Glory Haze

Orange Diva

Koastal Krush

Blue Bandito

Broken Coast Lager (5.5% ABV)

HAZY 710 Pale Ale (5.4% ABV)

Oasis Hard Seltzer (5%)

420 Extra Pale Ale (5.7% ABV)

Folklore IPA

Pack Light IPA

Poems @ Midnight

Gypsy Queen

B21-100 Little Buzzer IPA 7.0%

B21-101 Psycho Blonde Ale 5.2%

B21-104 Sky Squirrel Sour 6.3%

B22-100 Goldstadt Hefeweizen 5.2%

Reaper od Souls Kolsch
Wild Child Imperial Hard Seltzer
Nebra Sky IPL
Ruthless Wraith DIPA

Forest Moon (United item# 11653)

Miyabi (#8038)

El Treeablo (#7022)

Roots (#12138)

A Night on Ponce IPA
Prince of Pilsen Pilsner
Helm's Deep German Chocolate

TKR Pilsner

GA Red

Roaring 20's Radler

Southern Heaven Hefeweizen

Cashmere & Raspberry Lemon Gose



Euro Style Pilsner

Garden 9

Chance IPA
Lmn Ade Sour Ale
Side Bae DIPA
Mygotu Seltzer

Juice Willis IPA (6.5%)

Vita Italian Pilsner (4.3%)

Casa Bonita Mexican Lager (5.1%)

Tampa Timeshare Grapefruit Basil Gose (4.9%)